Coastal Region

The towns of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Luderitz rise out of the mists on Namibia’s west coast, where the cold Atlantic Ocean and the searing heat of the desert meet. Founded in 1882 by German Settlers, Swakopmund was the major harbour for South-West Africa for many years. The town is now a major tourist attraction, and adventure sports capital – and is just a few hours south of the biggest fur seal colony in Namibia at Cape Cross. Walvis Bay is a more industrialised town, but one whose harbour attracts whales, dolphins and seals in abundance – there is also flamingos and other water birds that call the local lagoons home. Luderitz was once a prominent settlement, kept rich by the gold deposits nearby, but now that the supply has run out it is now a ghost town that is slowly getting taken over by desert sand.

These simple and charming towns offer visitors the chance to cool off, relax and marvel at the beautiful Atlantic after days in the dusty desert on safari.