Ai-Ais Hot Springs


Ai-Ais found at the Southern end of the vast Fish River Canyon. The Ai-Ais hot springs are famous for the springs themselves, not forgetting the intimidating (but impressive) 85 km Fish River Canyon hike.

Ai-Ais means “burning water” in the local Nama dialect. A reference to the thermal mineral springs that bubble to the surface here. While there are numerous indoor and outdoor thermal pools to take advantage of – they indeed aren’t the only activity to get into while visiting the region.

The springs make up just a small part of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, which formes on the boundary of South Africa and Namibia. It is one of the driest regions in the country with areas receiving just 50 mm of rain per year. However, an early morning fog that rolls in off the distant Atlantic Ocean certainly means that it is home to a vast array of plants, mammals, reptiles, insects and bird species.

The geology of the area is incredible, and the centuries-old rock formations are some of the most intricate and impressive in the world. They make great subjects for photographers of all ages and skill levels.

Almost guaranteed is that you won’t have seen stars in the sheer numbers and brightness that you will find here in the night sky. Their beauty is just astounding. Stargazing is bound to be a nightly occurrence in this beautiful part of the African continent.


  • Housekeeping attention with evening turndown service.
  • Free parking.
  • Laundry service upon request.
  • Preferred time of housekeeping service.


  • Hiking and nature walk – Try walking trails up the ravine!
  • Guided scenic excursions within the park.
  • The Fish River Canyon hiking trail.
  • Swimming – Ai-Ais has an indoor thermal pool, not forgetting the popular more cooling outdoor pool.
  • Photography – With rock formation dating back millions of years, the Ai-Ais area is a geologists dream. Visitors of all ages can enjoy some soul-searching walks in the surrounding regions at the camp. They can quickly drive to the main Fish River Canyon lookout point at Hobas for some fantastic views and photographic opportunities.
  • Star Gazing – it is great for stargazing in this part of the world with the clear and open southern sky. It is the ideal stopover for keen astronomers and enthusiast alike.


RATES (Per Person) Accommodation N$/ZAR Camping N$/ZAR
Camping (max 8 people) N$ 210
Mountain View Double Room from Breakfast Included N$ 730
River View Double Room from Breakfast Included N$ 890
Family Chalet (4 beds) Bed Only N$ 1000
Fish River Canyon Hiking Trail May to SEP N$ 350.00
Guided Drives (Morning & Afternoon) N$ 500.00